Fund of Struggle against Corruption implements the project “Methods of the resolution of unlawful interference and corruption problems in the small and medium business" in the country.


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Department of labor and social maintenance
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Housing and communal services
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  • Struggle against corruption cannot be entrusted only to the hands of executive authority. Struggle against corruption cannot be conducted by bureaucracy, public support is important for it, the society should be involved in discussion of the measures which are necessary for getting things put in order in this area.

  • Corruption is a serious problem which should be solved completely. It is necessary to create a system when it is dangerous and unprofitable to rob a state. It is necessary to apply conservative methods while struggling against corruption. Surgery is required only to bring round some especially corrupt officials going too far.

  • Urucagina, the Sumerian tsar of Lagasha city-state was the first ruler who immortalized himself as a fighter against corruption in the second half of IV century B.C. The first “Arthashastra” treatise discussing corruption was published by one of the ministers of Bharata, (India), under a pen-name of Kautilya in IV century B.C. In that treatise he drew a pessimistic conclusion that “even a small part of tsar’s property cannot be misappropriated by the people being in charge of this property”.

  • Today's economic situation in the country allows increasing considerably the salary of officials. But it is not above all. It is necessary to raise the general culture, patriotism and restore strongly swayed moral values. The state and religion should solve these objectives. The belief strongly restrains people from commitment of thoughtless steps. Welfare and morality are the basis of struggle against corruption.

  • Don’t bribe the authority that there were no bases then to call her traitor. Don’t give a bribe, not to accuse all others of corruption.

  • “Abuses accreted with public life and became an urgent element of life. Can there be an order and prosperity in the country where it is impossible to find 8 smart ministers and 50 fair governors from 60 million people, where larceny, robbery and bribes are at every step and where there is no truth in management?” Nikolay Grech, ??? century. Russia

  • Development of civil institutes becomes the guarantor of observance of public interests. A civil society is "civil defence" against corruption and bureaucracy.

  • Sacred Prophet said: “There will be time when severe tyrants will rule society, scientists will be avaricious and forget piety, the devout will accept hypocrisy, merchants will be engaged in usuriousness and start to sell unfit goods, women will think only of ornaments. At this time, the most vicious members of society will take the top, but, prays of their righteous men will not be heard ”.

  • A history indicates that if the authority is reigned by oppression and violence, it will not be strong. The God has not entrusted the destiny of people to themselves, the God has not left the universe and mankind. There are many events in the world which occur contrary to the wills and plans of the governments. The events prove that there is the supreme force which predetermines everything.

  • Corruption undermines the economic development, weakens the democratic institutes and a principle of law supremacy, breaks a social order and destroys the trust of a society, thereby enabling to prosper the organized crime, terrorism and other threats of human security

  • Corruption is similar to consumption which is difficult to recognize at first, but easy to cure. But if it is uncared-for, it is easy to recognize, but difficult to cure though. The one depraved by corruption will hardly remain free.


  • To defeat corruption is possible only with the help of democracy, but not by order of higher-ups

  • As to bribes in conditions of corruption of laws - try to prove that they, for example, brake economic development of a country. Let's start with that bribe taker spends this money for goods and services in any case, in other words stimulates economic growth.

  • « The one who is capable of profiting from public affairs, he is capable of even robbing tombs, it is criminal to profit from service to the society» Plutarch (46-127year)

  • "To struggle against corruption is necessary, but it is necessary to struggle not only against so-called corruptionors among political opponents"

  • The state will be devastated when the legislature appears to be more spoiled than executive.Charles Monteskje (1689-1755)

  • The most effective control mechanism over bureaucracy and the best struggle method against corruption is a civil society which will be formed with growth of middle class and with support of the state

  • For carrying out of successful struggle against corruption it is necessary resolutely and in time to assort cases of corrupted officials without making difference in position and confiscate the property extracted due to corruption

  • Corruption injures the development and at the same time causes serious damage to the national safety of the country. Corrupted officials create an opportunity for coming of dangerous people and import of the dangerous materials into the country.

  • One of the prime measures to be taken within struggle against corruption is the development of electronic instrumentation which should completely prevent an official’s dealing with documents.

  • The one who accepts or gives a bribe should be rigidly punished to make him understand that he has committed a crime. And each official, starting from a police officer up to a judge should realize that corruption will straight away put an end to his career.

  • Sacred Prophet said: “There will be time when severe tyrants will rule society, scientists will be avaricious and forget piety, the devout will accept hypocrisy, merchants will be engaged in usuriousness and start to sell unfit goods, women will think only of ornaments. At this time, the most vicious members of society will take the top, but, prays of their righteous men will not be heard ”.

  • To accept a baseball cap from pupils of a local high school is one thing, and absolutely another one is to go to a chic restaurant at the expense of a Washington lobbyist

US State Department: Corruption and non-transparency are Armenia’s key human rights issues

The most significant human rights problems were systemic corruption and lack of transparency in government, US State Department Report on Human Rights Practices reads, as reported by Armenian News – correspondent in Washington


“The most significant human rights problems during the year were systemic corruption and lack of transparency in government, the limited independence of the judiciary, and limitations on the ability of citizens to change their government.”

According to the US State Department, allegations of persistent corruption at all levels of government undermined the rule of law, although the government took limited steps to punish corruption by low- and mid-level officials.


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German Diplomatisches Magazin publishes article on Azerbaijan`s “ASAN xidmet”

     German Diplomatisches Magazin has published an article on Azerbaijan`s “ASAN xidmet” in its January edition. The author of the article titled “Azerbaijan’s Version of Good Governance and Combating Corruption” is German political scientist, associate professor of the Centre for Caspian Region Studies of the Free University of Berlin, expert for Eastern Europe Matthias Dornfeldt. The author describes the “ASAN xidmet” as an effective project of Azerbaijan in combating corruption and good governance, and calls the service as “an example for modern administration services in the 21st century”. The author notes that “In July 2012, the President of the Republic, Ilham Aliyev, established the state agency for public services and social innovation. With this, an administrative institution was created, unrivalled in Europe and Asia.

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'ASAN xidmet" has created major progress in the fighting against corruption,bribery

     We invest in new technologies and innovative projects. These projects serve the development of science, improve governance and at the same time prevent the still existing negative phenomena in society. I want to emphasize the opening of “ASAN xidmət” centers. There are already seven centers now. Over the course of two years they have received 3.5 million applications. The number of services provided is growing. Their quality is high and this is very positively perceived by society. Of the institutional projects against corruption and bribery carried out in recent years, “ASAN xidmət” is in the foreground, of course. Our experience is studied in other countries.

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Congratulatory message of Ilham Aliyev to the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day and the New Year

    Serious fight is waged against corruption and bribery. A special role in this area belongs to the “ASAN xidmət” service. We have already created seven centers. 3.5 million applications have been made to these centers. “ASAN xidmət” plays a special role in the field of public services and in the fight against corruption and bribery. If we consider that this service was established only two years ago, we can see how much progress we have achieved. Serious fight against corruption and bribery will be waged in the future. 

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Ilham Aliyev attended the first All-Republican Forum of ASAN Volunteers

    The first All-Republican Forum of ASAN Volunteers has kicked off at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Sabirabad. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony of the forum. The head of state made a speech at the event. Chairman of ASAN Volunteers Youth Organization Public Union Farid Sad?khl? and volunteer at Sabirabad “ASAN xidm?t” center Ravana Davudova addressed the ceremony. The forum continues with panel meetings.

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Corruption destroys political legitimacy

Corruption destroys political legitimacy We, as a country, have a serious problem with national morale.

Everywhere you look you can sense ”something is wrong”.

No doubt, over the last 23 years since the release of Nelson Mandela in February 1990, we have produced bright and charismatic leaders. Many have risen to international stature and are significant global players. In fact South Africa has gained a reputation as a country that punches above its weight.

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In regions people are asked for bribes

In regions people are asked for bribes The fight against negative phenomena is under way. This is an issue that is always in the spotlight. The fight against corruption and bribery is producing excellent results. This is seen and welcomed by the population. This is also acknowledged by international institutions. I believe that we have achieved profound changes in this area. As I mentioned earlier, different factors play a special role in that – administrative measures, punitive measures, institutional measures, transparency, the application of new methods.
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Fight against corruption one of main directions Azerbaijan's state policy

Fight against corruption one of main directions Azerbaijan's state policy Azerbaijan is a country that has achieved the dynamic and sustainable economic development, the country's president Ilham Aliyev said in his message to the participants of the international "Fighting corruption: international standards and national experience" conference in Baku on June 30.
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We will continue to protect stability in Azerbaijan

We will continue to protect stability in Azerbaijan With regard to the domestic policy I must say that we will continue to protect stability in Azerbaijan. The main precondition for stability is the unity between the people and the government. And it is available. Azerbaijan is one of a handful of countries in which there is no discord in society over the key issues.
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The Best Patriot Scientist-Researcher

The Best Patriot Scientist-Researcher By the decision of the Awarding Commission of “European Publishing and Press House” president of Fund of Struggle against Corruption, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Dean of the Master of Arts, professor of “International relations and foreign policy” of Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Namik A.Akhundov is awarded with the Gold Medal The Best Patriot Scientist-Researcher for her rational activity in protection of our national and moral values, developing talented young scientists, valuable scientific suggestions in the field of main geographic, political, economic indicators of foreign countries, services rendered in propagating the senses of patriotism to the youths and in statehood history of Azerbaijan. We, Fund of Struggle against Corruption congratulate him on this success and wish him more successes.
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